From South to North

Contributions of African immigrants in western Christianity

  • Richard Ondicho Otiso Evangelical Lutheran Association of Finland(LEAF)
Keywords: Global South, Global North, Christianity, Immigration, Western, Africa


Many modern Christian scholars are united behind the opinion that the center of Christianity has immensely shifted from the global north (Europe and North America) to the global south (Africa, Asia and Latin America). Such dynamics have led to the decline of Christianity in the global north and the western world whilst a proportionate increase in Christianity has been a trend of the global south in the last decade. This article asks the question: is it time for the global south to re-evangelize the global north? As the western world becomes increasingly secular, it has become consequently evident that Christianity is currently post-Christian. Moreover, due to the global north’s economic superiority, it has become a major immigrant destination for the global south citizens. This has led to an influx of high number of immigrants into the global north. This article points out the contributions of the global south in western Christianity by using African immigrants as a case point.