A kernel literal analysis of God’s revealed name in Exodus 3:14

  • Dr Faith Ochenia Opade Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary, Ogbomoso
Keywords: Sovereignty, Kernel Analysis, Methodology, Translation


There have been various exegetical and hermeneutical interpretations to the meaning of the Ehyeh asher ehyeh in Exodus 3:14 yet there has not been a consensus on the matter. Scholars have been grappling with the root word and exact meaning of the revealed name. The writer examined various scholarly perspectives to the name. It was discovered that a setting aside of the word-for-word translation without consideration of the form, grammar and structure resulted in a subtle translation and interpretation that depended more on presuppositions and commitments of the translators than on methodology. The writer through a kernel analysis attempted a re-reading of the Masoretic Text rendition of Exodus 3:14 which gives a clearer insight and understanding of God’s revelation to man. “I will be who I will be” reveals God’s sovereignty at all times and a call to depend on God.