“Lived religion” in youth ministry:

a pragmatic reflection from Nigeria

  • Dr Joshua Dickson Ogidi
  • Prof Nathan H Chiroma PAC University
Keywords: Nigeria, lived religion, reported religion, represented religion, action guided, youth ministry, care giving


Lived religion is a reflection on the influence of religion on how people live their daily lives in the community, school, society, and other religious and social institutions. This paper investigates the practice of lived religion within the Nigeria youth ministry. Praxis entails what people do daily, oriented and guided by action, and not just theoretical knowledge or the dogma of a religious tradition or rituals. In investigating the youth ministry praxis in Africa (with a focus on the Nigerian context), this paper engages with Gregg and Scholefield, and Osmer’s pragmatic theological task, because the framework is action guided, thus investigates what youth ministry is actually doing among African youth.