Children in the Gospel of Luke

  • Dr Abera Abay
Keywords: Children, Childhood, Child theology, Gospel of Luke


The purpose of this study is to explore the teachings and ministry of Jesus towards children in the Gospel according to Luke. This article will try to discover what the Gospel of Luke teaches about child theology. The research was done through exegesis and analysis of selected scriptures from the Gospel according to Luke about children and the teachings and ministry of Jesus towards children. Major commentaries, dictionaries and child-related books were used to develop this research. Previous studies on children and childhood have focused on the metaphoric expression of children in the Gospels. Children are considered as a means to teach adults about discipleship. However, this research has identified that children are part of the body of Christ and equally valued as adults. Thus, adults should know that welcoming children are welcoming Jesus and they should follow the teachings and ministry of Jesus towards children. This study has identified that Jesus is the friend of the outcast, such as children. The value of this article is theoretical, to add knowledge to the believing community about Jesus’s teaching and ministry towards children. Practically, this article will present a guide based on the teachings of Jesus so that adults may welcome and serve children, considering them as part of the body who have equal value as the adults.