Appraisal of televangelism in Nigeria as a means of global evangelization

  • Ayotunde Olayori Oguntade Department of Intercultural Studies Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary
Keywords: Appraisal, Television, Evangelism, Televangelism, Nigeria, Global evangelization


Televangelism has helped the church to take the gospel beyond the confines of its environment. However, televangelism is not without its shortcomings. There is, therefore, the need to appraise how effective televangelism is as a medium of disseminating gospel messages. If this is not done the televangelism will be deficient in her goal of reaching the entire nations of the world with the gospel of salvation. The descriptive method was used to gather data. It evaluated criticism of media evangelism. It explored the emergence of television evangelism in Nigeria. It also discussed the merits and demerits of televangelism and appraised the use of television as a medium of evangelism in Nigeria. The paper revealed that there are moral laxities that televangelists and Christians in Nigeria should address. Among others, it recommended that televangelists should not use their airtime to exploit their audience financially, materially or otherwise. It also recommended that they should be mindful of preaching on controversial issues.