Magical Thinking

Familiar/Cursed Objects

  • Annari du Plessis Hugenote Kollege
Keywords: magical thinking, cursed/familiar objects, spiritual warfare, deliverance ministry, demonic oppression


Magical thinking can take on many forms within Christianity. One of the aspects of the spiritual warfare and deliverance ministry worldview is that of cursed or familiar objects. Demons are attracted to these objects and may inhabit them. Cursed/familiar objects include items explicitly related to other religions, items that are implicitly connected, and even seemingly innocent items. A number of Scriptures have been employed to argue for the existence of cursed objects, the grave results of contact with such objects, and how to react to such objects. Key texts are: Deuteronomy 7: 25-26, Isaiah 2: 6, and Acts 19: 19. The aforementioned texts are taken out of context and haphazardly assembled to strengthen the argument. This is not a responsible interpretation of Scripture. The original language and historical context need to be taken into consideration. The magical thinking about objects hearkens to what used to be called fetishism. It is unfounded in Scripture and boils down to superstition that can have negative effects on the individual and society.