Enhancing Sustainable Transformation of Contemporary Teenagers Through Discovery Bible Study Model

  • Benjamin Akano The Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary, Ogbomoso
Keywords: Discovery Bible Study (DBS), sustainable transformation, teenager


Existing experiments and participant observations have shown that teenagers generally exhibit oppositional defiant disorder. This disorder has a significant relationship to their increased involvement in alcoholism, substance addiction, cultism, crimes, and money rituals,  to which teenagers from Christian homes are not exempt. This phenomenon portends danger for the future of Christianity. Thus, the spiritual development of teenagers and the continuity of the authentic Christian faith in the next generation is a cause for concern. These challenges become critical because parents, teachers, pastors, and other ministers, who wish to see transformed teenagers, end up employing the wrong training tools that compound this disorder. Therefore, this writer presented Discovery Bible Study (DBS) as a model for enhancing the sustainable transformation of contemporary teenagers. He posited that the model creates a platform for Christian caregivers to lean on a blend of the principles of cognitive learning theories, such as Lewin's field theory, and experimental learning theories, such as Kolb's theory, to engage their teenagers in sustainable transformation. The paper asserts that a re-educative process, in cooperation with these teenagers, will change their cognitive structure, modify their values, and eventually affect their behaviour for the desired holistic transformation. To this end, it considers the two learning theories, contemporary teenagers and spiritual development challenges, and how DBS may be used to enhance sustainable transformation in contemporary teenagers.